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Search Help

You can type in the search much like you would use Google or any other search field.

  • Basic Search - for example if you wanted to find results which relate to Spa, you can type: spa
  • Boolean Searches - say you wanted to find results at Spa, excluding any results with the BMW 2002 Turbo you could use: +spa -BMW 2002 Turbo.

    You can add as many search arguments as you'd like, say you wanted any sessions matched by the above, but only with a certain driver, say "Schumacher": +spa -BMW 2002 Turbo +Schumacher.
  • Searching by Specific Fields - some of the results files details can be searched across. For example, if you want to find results at Brands Hatch you can use: Track:"Donington"

    The results fields can be found by looking at the structure of any results JSON file, but the Manager also adds some extra fields to make searching a bit easier: Track, Cars, EntrantList, StageList, NumLapsCompleted,
  • Searching Numeric Values - you can search numeric values, for example NumLapsCompleted:>100 will list all results with more than 100 laps being completed by all drivers in the session.

Of course, you can combine all of the above things into one query! That might look like the following:

+spa -BMW 2002 Turbo +Schumacher NumLapsCompleted:>100
"must be at spa", "must not include the BMW 2002 Turbo", "Must include a driver with Schumacher in their name", "must have more than 100 laps completed"

Server Manager uses Bleve to provide searching. Bleve is incredibly powerful and offers a great amount of control over search queries. We've covered some examples of how to make the most out of searching here, but please refer to Bleve's Documentation for more detailed examples and syntax.

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